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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, reliable internet connectivity is essential for businesses to thrive. At Orlando Business Phone Systems, we take pride in offering cutting-edge wireless internet solutions that keep businesses connected, productive, and secure. Our team of expert technicians conducts a thorough assessment of your unique requirements and delivers a customized solution. From Wi-Fi access points to wireless controllers and network switches, our wireless solutions ensure a seamless and efficient internet experience. Whether you need high-speed internet for your office, warehouse, or outdoor space, our expertise and experience ensure a successful implementation. Count on Orlando Business Phone Systems to keep your business connected and productive, no matter where your ventures take you!

Cat 5e vs. Cat 6 vs. Cat 6A – which one do I need?

Cat 5e data cable

Orlando Business Phone Systems recognizes the importance of making smart investments in high-quality infrastructure solutions for businesses. Our superior Cat 5e systems offer exceptional performance and excellent value for money. With transmission speeds of up to 1000 Mbps and reliable transmissions over extended distances, this data cable system supports Gigabit Ethernet capabilities seamlessly. By choosing the dependable solution of Cat 5e, your business can enjoy continuous high-grade performance in the long run. Avoid compromising on network quality by opting for inferior cables. Upgrade your business infrastructure today with Orlando Business Phone Systems’ Cat 5e cabling solutions, ensuring a reliable, top-performing system that will withstand the test of time, providing you with peace of mind.

Cat6 data cable 

Cat 6 Ethernet cabling has transformed the way businesses approach their network infrastructure. With outstanding performance capabilities, Cat 6 can achieve speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second at 250 MHz over short distances, making it perfect for connecting devices in close proximity. Its twisted pair design provides better noise resistance, reducing crosstalk interference significantly. The sturdy jacket material offers enhanced protection for the 23-gauge cable, ensuring it remains intact and well-insulated as it runs through walls and ceilings. Upgrade your business with Cat 6 Ethernet cabling today to experience unparalleled speed, reliability, and efficiency! Trust in the power of Cat 6 to elevate your network to new heights.

Cat 6A data cable 

Investing in Cat 6A cabling is a smart move for businesses aiming to excel in today’s digital landscape. With transmission rates of up to 10 Gigabits per second over a distance of up to 328 feet, Cat 6A cabling stands out for its unmatched performance and reliability. By adopting this advanced technology, businesses can future-proof their network infrastructure and enjoy fast and dependable data transmission. At Orlando Business Phone Systems, our experienced team specializes in designing and implementing tailored Cat 6A cabling solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses. We prioritize exceptional customer service and employ cutting-edge technology for seamless installation and maintenance. Our customized Cat 6A cabling solutions empower businesses with superior performance, faster data transmission, and increased productivity. Partner with us today to experience reliable, high-speed data transmission and gain a competitive edge. Reach out to us now to discover how our customized Cat 6A cabling solutions can drive your business forward.

Network Cabling Services

At Orlando Business Phone Systems, we deliver tailor-made communication solutions, personalized to meet the specific needs of businesses aiming to optimize their communication infrastructure. Our certified technicians collaborate closely with clients to design, install, and maintain phone systems and network upgrades that align perfectly with their objectives. Exceptional customer service and support are at the core of our values, ensuring businesses can achieve their communication goals without unnecessary expenses. Our scalable services adapt to changing business needs, making us an ideal partner for enhancing communication capabilities. From phone system installations to network upgrades and troubleshooting, our comprehensive services cater to all aspects of communication infrastructure. Partner with Orlando Business Phone Systems to access advanced communication solutions that elevate your business. Contact us today to discover how our customized communication solutions can enhance your communication infrastructure and drive success.

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